?1. 辞去职务信+抱愧信:2005 年考研真题(《2021 考研英语高分写作》p.45)?
directions: two months ago you got a job as an editor for the magazine designs & fashions. but now you find that the work is not what you expected. you decide to quit. write a letter to your boss, mr. wang, telling him your decision, stating your reason(s),and making an apology. write your letter with no less than 100 words. write it neatly on answer sheet2. do not sign your own name at the end of the letter; use“li ming”instead. you do not need to write the address. (10 points) ?dear mr. wang, i am much grateful to be employed by you two months ago as an editor for your magazine?
design & fashions. i appreciate the opportunity of having worked here with you and other colleagues. the experiences will be unforgettable throughout my life. however, as a young man whose primary interest is in computer science rather than fashion designing, i find my present job doesnt fall in with my previous training and strength. i therefore decide to quit this job for something else that may conform to my educational background. please accept my sincere apologies for any inconveniences my leaving may cause.???????????????????????????????????????????????????? yours truly,??????????????????????????????????????????????????? li ming?
2、抱愧信+主张信:2008 年真题(《 2021 考研英语高分写作》p.60) ?directions:? you have just come back from canada and found a music cd in your luggage that you forgot to return to bob, your landlord there. write him a letter to? 1 ) make an apology, and? 2 ) suggest a solution? ?dear bob,?? i’m writing to apologize for having forgotten to return the “the beatles” cd to you when i left canada. i was in such a hurry that i packed everything in my luggage without checking carefully. had i paid more attention then, i wouldn’t have made such a stupid mistake.?? now something must be done to solve the problem because i understand you cherish the cd enormously. i can either send it to you by express mail or alternatively compensate you at a reasonable price. if you do not mind, i may bring it back to you next time i go to canada.??? please let me know which solution you prefer at your earliest convenience. i really hope you will accept my sincere apology.?????????????????????????????????????????????? faithfully yours,?? li ming?
3.主张信:2009 年真题(《 2021 考研英语高分写作》p.49) ?directions: restrictions on the use of plastic bags have not been so successful in some regions. “ white pollution ” is still going on. write a letter to the editor(s) of your local newspaper to 1) give your opinions briefly, and???? 2) make two or three suggestions. ?dear editors, i have been reading your newspaper for many years with a great enthusiasm and interest. it is my view that limiting/prohibiting the use of disposable plastic bags is of utmost significance. to crack this hard nut, i would like to give/offer/render/propose some/several useful/practical/conducive recommendations as follows. first and foremost, it is imperative for us to ban the free use of disposable plastic bags. in addition, we should develop possible alternative forms to replace them, such as paper or clothing bags. last but not least, plastic bags should be offered in a much higher price in department stores or supermarkets.? i hope you would find the above proposals conducive and i would like to discuss this matter to further details. your prompt attention to my suggestions would be highly appreciated. (125 words)????????????????????????????????????????????????? yours sincerely,????????????????????????????????????????????????????? li ming
4、举荐信:2011年英语(一)真题(《2021考研英语高分写作》p.54) directions:?? write a letter to a friend of yours to? ?1) recommend one of your favorite movies and 2) give reasons for your recommendation. ?dear michael, as one of your closest friend, i’m writing the letter in purpose of recommending one of my favorite movies to you—around the world in eighty days. the primary factors for my recommendation are as follows. for one thing, this is a movie of science fiction which tells us an exciting story about an english gentleman, mr. phileas fogg, who makes a bet with his clubmates and managers to travel around the world in eighty days. for another, it gives us a vivid description of the many difficulties and incidents which happen on his journey. wish you enjoy the movie. looking forward to your reply.???????????????????????????????????????????? yours,????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? li ming? ?5、主张信:2012 年英语(一)真题(《 2021 考研英语高分写作》p.615)?
directions: some international students are coming to your university. write them an email in the name of the students union to 1) extend your welcome and 2) provide some suggestions for their campus life here. ?dear friends, on behalf of the students’ union of beijing foreign studies university, i would like to extend our heartfelt welcome to all of the overseas students from all over the world to study in our university. it is my great pleasure to propose several practical suggestions to you. in the first place, life in this prestigious university perhaps is not as satisfactory as what you expected. you may be tightly bound by continual classes, excessive homework and exams. in the second place, in spite of all these adversities, you will still enjoy your life in this esteemed institution. all types of extracurricular activities such as sports meets, speech contests, different social gatherings and dancing parties provide ample opportunities to make friends.? all in all, although there are many things lacking, life in our campus is a worthwhile period in your whole lifetime. wish you enjoy your life here!
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? yours sincerely,
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? li ming?
6. 举荐信:2015 年英语(一)真题(《 2021 考研英语高分写作》p.68) ?directions:? you are going to host a club reading session. write an email of about 100 words recommending a book to the club members. you should state reasons for your recommendation. you should write neatly on the answer sheet. do not sign your own name at the end of the letter. use “li ming” instead. do not write the address. (10 points) ?dear friends, as the host of the upcoming reading session, i am writing the email to recommend my favorite book to you, tao te ching, which is written by lao tzu. the primary causes of my recommendation are as follows. to begin with, it is the best-loved of all the classical books of china and the most universally popular. in addition, the book encapsulates the main tenets of taoism, and upholds a way of being as well as a philosophy and a religion. more importantly, the dominant image is of the way, the mysterious path through the whole cosmos modeled on the milky way that traverses the heavens. i hope the above information will help you to know the book. if you need any further information about it, please do not hesitate to contact me. (133 words) ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? yours sincerely,
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? li ming?
7. 建议信:2013 年英语(二)真题(《 2021 考研英语高分写作》p.63) ?directions: suppose your class is to hold a charity sale for kids in need of help. write your classmates an email to 1) inform them about the details, and 2) encourage them to participate . ?dear fellow classmates, our class is to hold a charity sale to raise money for those children who are in need of help on january 5, 2013. as the monitor of our class, i’m calling on all students to take part in it. we ask you to donate as much as you can to a fund we have set up to cover their tuition fees and other expenses. unless we can raise sufficient money, those poor kids won’t be able to afford their education and finish school. as a nation renowned in the world for many of its virtues, we chinese people have been giving a helping hand to those who are in distress throughout history. it’s our duty to provide as much support as we can in this hour of need. please contribute generously. (132 words) ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? yours sincerely,
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? li ming
8. 问询信:2014 年英语(二)真题(《 2021 考研英语高分写作》p.66)
directions: suppose you are going to study abroad and share an apartment with john, a local student, write him an email to 1) tell him about your living habits, and 2) ask for advice about living there. you should write neatly on the answer sheet. do not sign your own name at the end of the letter. use “li ming” instead. do not write the address. (10 points) ?dear john, i’m glad to hear from you. how have you been these days? the purpose of this email is to tell you about my living habits.? firstly, i never drink or smoke. neither do i stay up late. instead, i keep a balanced diet and go to bed before 11 o’clock at night, because i believe burning the midnight oil is harmful to health. secondly, i’d like to keep my things clean. it is obvious that living in a messy environment results in a chaotic life. finally, could you please offer me some proposals as regards living in your city? i’m sure that we can get along well with each other, and our university life would be one of the best times in life. (123 words) ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? yours,
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? li ming
?9. 告示:2015 年英语(二)真题(《 2021 考研英语高分写作》p.70)?
directions: suppose your university is going to host a summer camp for high school students. write a notice to 1) briefly introduce the camp activities, and 2) call for volunteers. you should write about 100 words on the answer sheet. do not use your name or the name of your university. do not write your address. (10 points) ?volunteers needed????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? dec. 26, 2015 in order to improve high school students’ abilities and to enrich their after-class activities, our university is going to hold a summer camp in our campus during this summer vacation. these high school students will be involved in various activities, including taking part in speeches and debates, attending group discussions, and so on. first of all, a variety of activities organized by us could show their outstanding abilities and help them develop a range of practical skills. what is more, their active participation helps in strengthening the sense of responsibility and developing interpersonal relationship. those who are interested in being volunteers may sign up with the monitor of their class before jan. 10, 2016. come and join us now. (118 words) ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? the students’ union
10、告示:2016 年英语(一)真题(《2021 考研英语高分写作》p.715)?
directions: suppose you are a librarian in your university. write a notice of about 100 words, providing the newly-enrolled international students with relevant information about the library. you should write neatly on the answer sheet. do not sign your own name at the end of the notice. use “li ming” instead. do not write the address. (10 points) ???????????????????????????????????? notice????????????????????????????????????????????????????? december 26, 2015 welcome to our university! as a librarian, i would like to provide you with detailed information as regards our library. to begin with, since computers are used by all major libraries to streamline cataloguing, we also have access to the internet via computers. in addition, by the end of last semester, we have already replaced all the outdated facilities and provide more conveniences for readers. the last but not the least, we have just prolonged the opening hour of our library, which is from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. in the end, we are so glad to hear that you take the opportunity to study in our university. i am sure you will have a wonderful time here. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? li ming ?参 考 译 文 ?1、 尊敬的王先生: 非常感谢您两个月之前聘任我为杂志《方案与时髦》的修改。我非常珍惜这个和您以 及其他火伴同事的机缘。这将是我终身中很难忘的阅历。 可是,关于一个喜爱核算机科学远多于时髦方案的年青人来说,我发现当前的作业并 不契合我的教育布景与自个强项。因而,我抉择辞去职务,找一份与我的教育布景有关的作业。?我为我的离任构成的不便利深表抱愧。?????????????????????????????????????????????????? 您真挚的,?????????????????????????????????????????????????? 李明?
2、 亲爱的鲍勃: 我写此信的意图是为了向你抱愧。在脱离加拿大时,我忘了把那盘披头士乐队的 cd 还 给你。走的时分太匆忙了,我把一切东西都塞到行李中,没有细心查看。其时要是多加留心 的话,就不会犯这种初级差错了。 因为我晓得你特别喜爱那盘 cd,所以必定要想办法处置这个疑问。我可以寄快递包裹 给你,也可以按合理的价格抵偿你的丢掉。假定你不介意的话,我也可以鄙人次去加拿大的 时分把它给你带回去。 请在便利的时分从速让我晓得你倾向哪一种处置方案。期望你能承受我真挚的抱愧。 您真挚的,???????????????????????????????????????????????????? 李明?
尊敬的修改: 多年来我一向怀着极大的热心与快乐喜爱阅览贵报。我认为捆绑运用一次性塑料袋非常重 要。 为处置这个难题,我想提出如下几个有用的主张。首要,咱们急需阻止免费运用一次 性塑料袋。其次,咱们大约开发替代塑料袋的替换方法,如纸袋或布袋。最终,在商场或超 市应以更高的价格供给塑料袋。 我期望您觉得上述主张有利,一起期望进一步谈论这一疑问。非常谢谢您对我的主张 给予及时的重视。 您真挚的 李明?
4、 迈克尔:???? 作为你最佳的一位兄弟,我写这封信是为了向你举荐我最喜爱的影片之一:《8十天环 游地球》。????? 我举荐的首要缘由如下。首要,这是一部科幻影片,叙说了一位英国绅士的一个激悦耳 心的故事。菲力?弗格先生跟他的沙龙火伴打了个赌,并设法在8十天之内环游了地球。 其次,影片生动描绘了他在旅途中遇到的困难和发生的故事。???? 期望你喜爱这部影片。等待着你的回信。??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 你真挚的,??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 李明?
5、 亲爱的兄弟们: 谨代表北京外国语大学学生会,咱们历来我校学习的世界各地的海外学生表达诚心的欢 迎。 咱们很侥幸地向你们提出一些有用的主张。首要,这所著论理 的日子或许不像你们所 等待的那么令人满足。你们可以会堕入无尽的课程、许多的作业和考试。其次,尽管有这些 课业,你们仍将享受这所大学的日子。运动会、讲演竞赛、联谊会和舞会等林林总总的课外 活动供给许多交兄弟的机缘。 总之,尽管有许多缺乏,咱们的学校日子仍将是你终身中一段夸姣的年月。期望你享受 这儿的日子!????????????????????????????????????????????????? 您真挚的,????????????????????????????????????????????????? 李明?
6、 亲爱的兄弟们: 作为即将降临的读书会的掌管人,我写这封邮件是为了举荐我最喜爱的一本书给我们, 那就是老子写的《道德经》。 我举荐本书的首要缘由如下。首要,这本书是我国经典古籍中最受酷爱的,也是最广泛 盛行的。其次,这本书概述了道家的根柢主旨,并崇尚一种生计之道,一起也是一种哲学和 一种宗教。更为重要的是,其首要精力是道,以横贯天边的银河为模型的贯穿整个世界的神 秘之道。 期望上述信息可以协助我们晓得这本书。假定需要更多信息,请毫不犹疑和我联络。???????????????????????????????????????????????? 您真挚的,???????????????????????????????????????????????? 李明?
亲爱的同学们: 咱们班将在 2014 年 1 月 4 日举办一场慈悲义卖,为需要协助的孩子们搜集资金。作为 班长,我在这儿呼唤我们活泼参加。 咱们现已树立了付出他们学杂费的基金,请我们尽自个所能捐赠自个的爱心。只需咱们 搜集满足的资金,那些不幸的孩子们才干上得起学并结束学业。 作为一个以许多美德出名于世的国家,咱们我国公民从古至今都一向乐于助人。在这个 重要关头,我们必定要极力协助他们。最终,请我们大方相助。??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 李明?
8、 约翰: 很高兴收到你的来信。迩来过得怎么样?我写这封邮件的意图是为了告诉你我的日子 习气。
首要,我从不喝酒或吸烟,也从不熬夜。相反,我坚持均衡饮食,每晚 11 点之?酰?因为我信赖熬夜对我的安康有害。其次,我喜爱坚持规整。清楚明晰,住在糟糕的环境中会 致使紊乱的日子。 最终,关于住在你们城市,你是不是可以给我提出一些主张?我信赖咱们可以友善共处, 而且咱们的大学日子将变成咱们人生中最夸姣的韶光之一。??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 李明?
9. 招募自愿者 2015 年 12 月 26 日 为了提巨大学生的才能并丰厚其课外活动,我校将于本年暑假在本校举办一场夏令营。?这些大学生将参加林林总总的活动,包括参加讲演与争辩,参加小组谈论等等。首要, 咱们组织的这些各类活动可以展示其超卓的才能,并 他们前进实习技能。其次,活泼参加 有助于增强他们的责任感和培育人际联络。 有快乐喜爱变成自愿者的学生请于2016年1月10日之前在班利益报名。如今就参加咱们吧。??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 学生会?
10. 告示?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 2015 年 12 月 26 日 等待来到咱们大学。作为一名图书馆员,我想供给一些关于图书馆的具体信息。 首要,因为一切大型图书馆都运用电脑来简化检索,咱们也将电脑接通互联网。其次, 到上学期末,咱们现已替换了一切过期的电脑并为读者供给更多便当。最终,咱们刚刚延伸 了图书馆的开馆时刻:从上午 8 点到晚上 10 点。 最终,咱们很高兴得知你们有机缘到咱们大学学习。我深信你们将在此度过一段夸姣时 光。????????????????????????????????????????????????? 李明?
三、考研写作 45 大钻石句型:?
?1)首要,我国在制造业方面现已变得异常活泼,这使得对高本质工程师的需要增加。 first and foremost, china has become particularly active in manufacturing, which leads to the increased demand of qualified engineers.?
2)此外,作业商场的全体打开无法跟上大学结业生人数的添加,这促进许多学生在学校里 再呆三年时刻,为作业做非常好的预备。 in addition, the development of job market on the whole cannot keep pace with the expansion of college graduates, which obliges a large number of students to stay on campus for another three years to get better prepared for their career.? 3)思考到一切这些要素,咱们可以估计:跟着社会的灵敏打开,工程硕士的招生人数在未 来十年将会持续添加。 taking all these factors into account, we may predict that with speedy development of our society, the number of recruitment of me will keep growing in the forthcoming decade.?
4)可是,疑问的另一方面,这种趋势可以带来许多疑问,例如人才的浪费。 on the other side of the coin, however, this tendency may bring about a good many problems, such as the waste of talent. ?
5)咱们有必要采纳有用的办法保证这一情况不会失控,一起鼓舞学生们选择那些在作业商场 上需要的既有理论常识又有实习技能的专业。 it is necessary for us to take effective measures to ensure this situation doesn’t get out of hand, and encourage students to choose majors in which theoretical knowledge and practical skills will be demanded in the job market.
?2、盛行文明: 1)贝克汉姆代表了体育界英豪的形象,他的帅气表面以及高超的球技正是球迷们热心追捧 的。? beckham represents the image of sport hero whose handsome appearance and unparalleled football skills are passionately adored by all the sports fans.? 2)因而,偶像崇拜这个发人沉思的社会表象,其实是把双刃剑,可以深化影响青年人生长。? hence, idolatry, the thought-provoking social phenomenon, is a double-edged sword which can exert profound influence on the growth of young people. ?
3)假定咱们只是靠仿照偶像发型或追逐时髦的方法来崇拜他们,这种痴迷将必定浪费咱们 许多的金钱和时刻,影响咱们的作业功率。? if we simply worship the idols by imitating their hairstyle or pursuing fashions unreasonably, the obsession will certainly waste us a great deal of time and money, endangering the efficiency of our work. ?
4)作为一名大学生,我每天上网与别人在 bbs 上谈论新闻,经过注册网络课程来学习英语, 凭仗 msn 和我的兄弟们免费谈天。 as a college student, i get on line every day to discuss news with other people on bbs, to study english by registering for web courses, to chat freely through msn messenger with my friends.?
5)究竟,我们创造互联网是为了联接你和我,为咱们的日子带来快捷,而非设置妨碍使人 彼此疏远。 after all, internet is invented to connect you and me, and to bring conveniences to our life rather than set a barrier to keep people beyond reach.?
3、文明交流: 1)奇妙的我国文明招引了各国公民这一实际标明,在某种程度上一种文明可以在世界规模 内被承受、尊敬、赏识和共享。 the fact that people from different countries are attracted to mysterious chinese culture indicates that to some extent a culture can be accepted, respected, appreciated and shared internationally. ?
since the trend of globalization becomes irresistible, the increasing cultural exchanges can effectively improve mutual understanding and friendship.?
3)一起,咱们很有必要推广世界文明,因为来自其他文明的观念,即便乍看起来彼此敌对 甚至很荒诞,但从长远看来,可认为咱们调查这个世界供给一种不一样的视角。 meanwhile, there are good reasons to advocate international culture for those ideas from the other cultures, controversial or even absurd at first sight, can provide a different perspective for us to observe the world in the long run. ?
4)在我看来,假定我们能为多元文明花费时刻的话,那么它就能得以维护。这对保证社会 将来的昌盛和打开都至关重要。? in my view, multi-cultures can be kept alive by the people with the time to do so, and is extremely vital in ensuring a community’s future development and prosperity. ?
5)因为成功的商业尽力、政府坚决不移的撑持和不断增加的海外快乐喜爱,文明交融的将来会 比曩昔任何时分更亮堂、更平安。? as a consequence of successful commercialization efforts, unwavering government support and growing interests overseas, the future of cultural blending looks brighter and more secure than ever before.? ?(二)社会抢手:?
1、安康: 1)跟着都市日子节奏的加速和压力的不断添加,越来越多的人初步具有生理或心思疑问。? with the quickening pace of urban life and ever-increasing pressure, people in mounting numbers are suffering either physical or mental problems.?
2)我们别离选择慢跑、打篮球、游水、滑冰、爬山或骑车作为往常训练,这是因为这些运 动老是使咱们更健壮和精力充分。? people respectively choose jogging, playing basketball, swimming, skating, climbing or riding as their regular exercises because these exercises never fail to make us stronger and more energetic.?
3)特别在窘境中,咱们需要坚持一种旷达的心态来阅历人生的苦楚哀痛、转弯抹角。? especially in adversity, we need to maintain an optimistic mentality to pull through life’s pain and sorrow, twists and turns. ?
4)我坚持均衡饮食,而且晚上 11 点之前上床睡觉,因为我信赖熬夜对身体有害。? i keep a balanced diet and go to bed before 11 o’clock at night, because i believe burning the midnight oil is harmful to health. ?
5)因为均衡的饮食和足够的睡觉关于身体安康是不可以或缺的,大学生大约充分注重养成良 好的习气。? since both a balanced diet and sufficient sleep are indispensable for physical fitness, university students should put great emphasis on good habits. ?
2、两代联络: 1)一旦年青人初步寻求独立并承受来自实际世界的应战,我们发现他们现已被惯坏了,在 困难面前无法满足刚烈。? once the young people begin to seek independence and accept challenges from the real world, they are found too spoiled to be strong enough in the face of difficulties. ?
2)只需阅历更多的应战和训练,年青人才干培育健壮的特性和才能,而且只需这样他们才 能变成这个竞赛世界的强者。? only by undergoing more challenges and toils in adversity can young people cultivate strong personality and ability, and only in this way can they become winners in this competitive world. ?
3)当父母年纪太大不能照看自个的时分,他们就成了负担,被自个的子孙们像足球相同踢 来踢去。这是一种令人怜惜的不公正表象,致使了许多我国人的愤慨。 when they are too old to take care of themselves, the elders become burdens to be kicked around by their sons and daughters like a football, a pitiful and unjust sight that will arouse indignation among many chinese.?
4)作为一个以许多美德出名于世的民族,我国公民自古以来一向奉行孝道。 as a nation renowned in the world for many of its virtues, the chinese people have been practicing filial piety throughout history.?
5)许多广为传扬的故事重复偏重了这种前史悠长的爱老敬老的美德,如西汉的缇萦捐躯营 救蒙冤的父亲免于极刑的故事。 many much-told stories reiterate this time-honored virtue of loving and respecting the elders, like the story of tiying in the west han dynasty who risked her life in order to save her wronged father from corporal punishment.
3、作业道德 1)打点部分保证不承受任何贿赂,公正有用地实施责备。? administration departments assure to perform their tasks effectively and fairly without taking any bribes.? 2)出产厂家保证出产高质量产品;商业公司立誓供给真货和礼貌热心的效能。? manufacturing units guarantee to turn out products of good quality; commercial enterprises swear to provide genuine commodities and polite and enthusiastic services. ?
3)实际上,他们做这种承诺的意图只是披上绮丽的外衣以便取悦并诈骗大众。 as a matter of fact, their intention to make such commitments is nothing but to put on civilized outer clothing to please or deceive the public. ?
4)但这只母鸡及其同类大约晓得:在商场经济体系的剧烈竞赛中,没人能经过欺诈的言语 而生计下去。? but the hen and her like should know that by dishonest words no one can survive the intense competition under market economy system.?
?5)另外,这种不诚笃行为还会发生严峻的成果,如成果上的赏罚、暂时停学、不良违纪行 为记载,这很可以会影响将来的机缘。? in addition, this misconduct results in severe consequences, such as grade-related penalties, suspension, or an adverse disciplinary record that may very well impact future opportunities and so on. ?
4、社会公德 1)当咱们用到“爱”这个词时,咱们不只是指对异性的招引,这是对这个词非常狭隘的解 释。 when we use the word “love”, we do not simply mean an attraction to a person of the opposite sex, which is a very narrow definition of the word. ?
2)下面这幅画阐释了爱的真实意义,它偏重了这一实际:爱心是情感力气,不管咱们周围 的世界多么漆黑,它都能支撑咱们。 the picture below illustrates the real meaning of love, by stressing the fact that love is emotional strength, which can support us no matter how dark the world around us becomes. ?
as a matter of fact, throughout history people of many different cultures have regarded love as the most sublime of human emotions.?
4)举一个比方证明爱心的力气,咱们大约记住 2008 年我国各族公民如何呼应呼唤去援助四 川地震中的受难者。 we should remember how the chinese people of all nationalities respond to the call to help the victims of the deadly earthquake in sichuan province in 2008.? 5)尽管他们的收入依照世界标准衡量仍是处于低水平,可是全国公民毫不犹疑地尽他们所 能捐赠——不管是钱,仍是物品——去协助那些受难的同胞们。? although their incomes are still low by international standards, people all over the country do not hesitate to donate whatever they can——be it money or goods——to help their needy fellow citizens.? ?(三)环境维护 1、从漫画中,咱们可以得出结论,画家想要表达下述信息:成群的游客涌入许多景点,制 造并丢掉了许多的废物,影响了大天然的秀丽。? from the portrayal, we can conclude that the painter wants to convey such a message: a good many scenic spots are flooded with visitors, who spoil the beauty of nature by creating and leaving behind god-knows-how-much trash. ?
2、有些人认为旅行业是经济打开的引擎,如同无视了其对环境的负面影响。? some people, laboring under the belief that tourism serves as an engine of economic growth, seem to ignore its negative effects on the environment. ?
3、另一方面,旅行业现已对咱们生计的环境构成了无量的压力:水遭到污染,生态平衡遭 到损坏,天然本钱被过度开发。? on the other hand, tourism has exerted great pressure on the environment we are living in: water is polluted, the ecological system is disturbed, and natural resources have been excessively used. ??
4、毫无疑问,因为在其他收入很少的区域,旅行业的确有助于打开经济,因而任何国家都 无法阻止旅行业。? undoubtedly, tourism could not be banned in any country as it does help to shore up the economy in places which offer few sources of income.?
?5、经过思考环境维护要素,咱们早就该前进我们的知道来改进这个现状了。? it is high time that we enhanced peoples awareness to rectify this by taking the environmental protection into consideration. ?
(四)人生道理: 1、因为日子节奏的加速,各行各业的竞赛变得日益剧烈,鼓励每自个寻求一个又一个的目 标。? owing to the quickening pace of life, competition goes increasingly fierce in all walks of life, stimulating everyone to pursue one goal after another.?
?2、假定咱们经过了考试,就面临着战胜艰巨研讨生课程的应战。咱们仍须在咱们将来的学 业、作业和作业上为了成功而持续斗争。? if we pass this test and are confronted with the challenge of conquering the difficult graduate courses, we still have to strive for success in our future academic study, employment and career. ?
3、这幅漫画的意图是告诉咱们在看似不可以战胜的应战与窘境面前,最重要的是具有自傲。 the purpose of the drawing is to show us that in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges or predicament, possessing self-confidence is of utmost significance. ?
4、要害时刻,正是他对困难和人生的自傲究竟抉择他能否反败为胜。 it is at these critical times that his self-confidence, towards difficulty and life in general, eventually plays a crucial role in determining whether he can turn failure into victory.?
5、总之,坚持旷达可以鼓舞我们去学会获得才智、博爱和自傲,因而是自特性格和才能的 培育进程中不可以短少的重要构成有些。 in conclusion, keeping optimistic encourages people to learn wisdom, humanity and self-confidence, and is a crucial and unavoidable aspect of any individual’s development of character and competence.? ?


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