section ⅰ use of english

here’s a common scenario that any number of entrepreneurs face today: you’re the ceo of a small business and though you”>?1?, you need to find a way to take it to the next level. what you need to do is?2?growth by establishing a growth team. a growth team is made up of members from different departments within your company, and it harnesses the power of collaboration to focus?3?on finding ways to grow.
let”>?4?. prior to forming a growth team, the software company bittorrent had 50 employees.working in the?5?departments of engineering, marketing and product development. this brought them good results until 2012, when their growth plateaued. the?6?was that too many customers were using the basic, free version of their product. and?7?improvements to the premium, paid version, few people were making the upgrade.
things changed,?8?, when an innovative project marketing manager came aboard,?9?a growth team and sparked the kind of?10?perspective they needed. by looking at engineering issues from a marketing point of view, it became clear that the?11?of upgrades wasnt due to a quality issue. most customers were simply unaware of the premium version and what it offered.
armed with this?12?, the marketing and engineering teams joined forces to raise awareness by prominently?13?the premium version to users of the free version.?14?, upgrades skyrocketed, and revenue increased by 92 percent.
but in order for your growth, team to succeed, it needs to a have a strong leader. it needs someone who can?15?the interdisciplinary team and keep them on course for improvement.
this leader will?16?the target area, set clear goals and establish a time frame for the?17?of these goals. this growth leader is also?18?for keeping the team focus on moving forward and steer them clear of distractions.?19?attractive, new ideas can be distracting, the team leader must recognize when these ideas don’t?20?the current goal and need to be put on the back burner.

1、a. purchase? ? ? b. profit? ? ? c. connection? ? ? d. bet
2、a. define? ? ? ? b. predict? ? c. prioritize? ? ? ? ? d. appreciate
3.a. exclusively? ? b. temporarily? ? ? c. potentially? ? ? d. initially
4.a. experiment? ? ? b. proposal? ? ? c. debate? ? ? d. example
5.a. identical? ? ? b. marginal? ? ? c. provisional? ? ? d. traditional
6.a. rumor? ? ? b. secret? ? ? c. myth? ? ? d. problem
7.a. despite? ? ? b. unlike? ? ? c. through? ? ? d. besides
8.a. moreover? ? ? b. however? ? ? c. therefore? ? ? d. again
9.a. inspected? ? ? b. created? ? ? c. expanded? ? ? d. reformed
10.a.cultural? ? ? b. objective? ? ? c. fresh? ? ? d. personal
11.a. end? ? ? b. burden? ? ? c. lack? ? ? d. decrease
12.a. policy? ? ? b. suggestion? ? ? c. purpose? ? ? d. insight
13.a. contributing? ? ? b. allocating? ? ? c. promoting? ? ? d. transferring
14.a. as a result? ? ? b. at any rate? ? ? c. by the way? ? ? d. in a sense
15.a. unite? ? ? b. finance? ? ? c. follow? ? ? d. choose
16.a. share? ? ? b. identify? ? ? c. divide? ? ? d. broaden
a. announcement
b. assessment
c. adjustment
d. accomplishment
18.a. famous? ? ? b. responsible? ? ? c. available? ? ? d. respectable
19.a. before? ? ? b. once? ? ? c. while? ? ? d. unless
20.a. serve? ? ? b. limit? ? ? c. summarize? ? ? d. alter
【1】b. profit 原文说到“小公司的ceo也挣到了大钱”。make a nice profit意为“挣得可观的获利”,故选profit。
【2】c. prioritize 原文说到?枰龅氖蔷髁⒁桓龃蚩∽槔从畔韧平黾印薄4舜ζ亍坝畔刃浴保恃rioritize。
【3】a. exclusively 原文说到“使用协作的力气来专心于专门寻找增加的办法”。exclusively标明“独占地,专门地”,契合题意。
【4】d. example 原文说到“来看一个实际日子中的比方”,此处经过举比方来例子上文的观念,故选example。
【5】d. traditional 原文说到“50名雇员在工程、商场推广与产品研发等传统部分作业”。traditional标明“传统的”,契合题意。
【6】d. problem 原文说到“疑问是太多的顾客可以免费运用其产品的基础免费版别”。上文指出最初步卓有作用,但后来堕入了瓶颈期,所以,此处应联接具有发生啥样的疑问。故选problem。
【7】a. despite 原文说到“尽管关于付费版别做出了必定的改进,可是几乎没有人进行晋级”。此处前后构成让步-转机逻辑,故选despite。
【8】b. however 原文说到“可是自从一位立异的海外司理人的到来使得作业发生了改动”。此处查询上下文的逻辑联络,上文指出改进没有得到大众的协作,而海外人才的引入却改动了这一些,所以,此处应填入转机逻辑词,故选however。
【9】b. created 原文说到“这名司理人创建了打开团队”。此处与首段establish a growth team构成语义复现,故选created。
【10】c. fresh 原文说到“引发了一个他们所需要的新鲜视角”。立异人才的参加必定会给团队带来新鲜血液。此处与本段innovative构成语义复现,故选fresh。
【11】c. lack 原文说到“短少晋级的缘由并不是由质量疑问多致使,而是大有些花费者没有这方面的知道”。上文说到很稀有花费者进行晋级,所以产品短少晋级,故选lack。
【12】d. insight 原文说到“具有这种洞悉力,商场推广和工程部分参加到了团队之中”。此处与上文fresh perspective构成语义复现,新鲜的观点预示着对作业有了更一起的见地,故选insight。
【13】c. promoting 原文说到“将免费版别晋级成优质版别”。此处与后文upgrade构成语义复现,故选promoting。
【14】a. as a result 原文说到“因而,晋级量激增”。此处查询句间的逻辑联络,因为版别变得愈加优质,所以选择晋级的人数数量在添加,因而应填入因果逻辑词,故选as a result。
【15】a. unite 原文说到“需要一自个来联合来自跨学科的组别”。上文leader一词提示,职工之间需要联合才干成功。unite意为“联合”,契合题意。
【16】b. identify 原文说到“领导需要断定方针区域”。下文指出树立方针,所以在树立方针之前应断定方针区域,故选identify。
【17】d. accomplishment 原文说到“树立时刻规划赖结束这些方针”。上文说到树立方针,所以此处应标明完成方针,故选accomplishment。
【18】b. responsible 原文说到“领导需要担任去带领整个团队一同行进”。be responsible for意为“对……担任”,契合题意。
【19】c. while 原文说到“尽管很有招引力,可是新的主意会让人分神”。此处体现句间的让步-转机逻辑联络,故选while。
【20】a. serve 原文说到“一些主意不能效能当前的方针,而且需要暂时放置”。即主意和方针无法完成调和共同,所以需要暂停,故选serve。
section ⅱ reading comprehension
part a
text 1
21. the rhs thinks that plastic grass_____
a. is harmful to the environment
b. is a hot topic in gardening circles
c. is overpraised in the annual show
d. is ruining the view of west london
【21】a. is harmful to the environment 解析: 该题为细节题,问rhs关于plastic grass塑料草的观点。经过rhs和plastic grass定位,断定语句“the royal horticultural society (rhs), which runs the annual show in west london, says it has introduced the ban because of the damage plastic grass does to the environment and biodiversity.” 中心句意 “因为塑料草对环境和生物多样性构成的损坏,rhs出台了这项禁令。” 文章中because of the damage plastic grass does to the environment and biodiversity.对应a选项is harmful to the environment。 damage和harmful为同义改写。
22. the petitions mentioned in paragraph 3 revealed the campaigners’
a. disappointment with the rhs
b. resistance to fake grass use
c. anger over the proposed tax
d. concern about real grass supply
【22】b. resistance to fake grass use 解析:该题为细节题,经过题干petitions(示威书)和campaigners(运动领导者)进行定位。经过campaigners地址语句“the rhs’s decision comes as campaigners try to raise awareness of the problems fake grass causes.”得知,campaigners企图前进我们对假草构成的疑问的知道。 下文petitions地址语句,具体阐明前进对假草疑问的具体方法:it is trying to encourage people to sign two petitions, one calling for a ban on the sale of plastic grass and another calling for an “ecological damage” tax on such lawns. 即“呼吁阻止出售塑料草,和呼吁对此类草坪征收“生态损坏”税”。只需b选项 resistance to fake grass use(对假草运用的反抗),对定位句进行了同义改写。
23. in paragraph 4, supporters of fake grass point out______
a. the necessity to lower the costs of fake grass
b. the disadvantages of growing real grass
c. the way to take care of artificial lawns
d. the challenges of insect habitat protection
【23】b. the disadvantages of growing real grass 解析:该题为细节题,问假草撑持者的观念情绪。经过第4段内容可归纳出“天然草坪也会对环境构成影响,而且真实的草需要许多的水、除草剂或其他处置。” 只需b选项the disadvantages of growing real grass(栽培真草的缺陷), 是对文章的同义归纳。
24. what would the government do with regard to artificial grass?
a. urge legislation to restrict its use
b. take measures to guarantee its quality
c. remind its users to obey existing rules.
d. replace it with sustainable alternatives.
【24】c. remind its users to obey existing rules. 解析:该题为细节题,问“政府会如何处置人工草?” 经过government和artificial grass定位,从文章中得知“政府没有方案阻止运用人工草,而且人工草地的运用有必要恪守现有的法令和方针保证办法。文章中的comply with the legal and policy(遵遵法令和方针)与b选项remind its users to obey existing rules. (提示用户恪守现有规则。) 是同义改写。
25. it can be learned from the text that fake grass____
a. is being improved continuously
b. has seen a market share decline
c. is becoming increasing affordable
d. has been a controversial product
【25】d. has been a controversial product. 解析:该题为主旨题,问经过文章可以得出啥关于假草的结论。本题查询对文章主旨和期间粗心的掌控。 文章论说了rhs, 假草撑持者,和政府关于假草的不一样情绪,其间rhs阻止假草的运用,而政府标明没有阻止方案。各方观念清楚并论说了理由。因为文章是环绕fake grass打开争议,因为答案是d,是“有争议性的产品”。
text 2
26.what problem are us national parks faced with?
a.decline of business profits.
b.inadequate commercialization.
c.lack of transportation services.
d.poorly maintained infrastructure.
【26】d poorly maintained infrastructure.解析: 该题为细节题,问美国国家公园面临着啥疑问,根据problem, us national parks回到原订亲位,文中说到:“美国国家公园正处于危机之中。他们一共有跨越120亿美元的维护费用积压下来没有拨款。”( u.s. national parks are in crisis. collectively, they have a maintenance backlog of more than $12 billion.)所以美国国家公园面临着维护缺钱的疑问,即基础设备维护不良。
27.increased privatization of the campgrounds may .
a. spoil visitor experience b. help preserve nature
c. bring operational pressure d. boost visits to parks
【27】a. spoil visitor experience 解析: 该题为细节题,问添加露营地的私有化可以会如何,根据要害词privatization, the campgrounds回到原订亲位,文中说到:“添加私有化必定会削弱每年3亿游客来公园的首要缘由之一:享受天然,从吞没往常日子的商业鼓声中得到喘息。”(increased privatization would certainly undercut one of the major reasons why 300 million visitors come to the parks each year: to enjoy nature and get a respite from the commercial drumbeat that overwhelms daily life.)所以添加露营地的私有化可以会让游客仍然遭到商业的影响,不能非常好地享受天然,即损坏游客领会。
28.according to paragraph 5, most respondents in the survey would
a. go to the national parks on a regular basis.
b.advocate a bigger budget for the national parks.
c.agree to pay extra for the national parks.
d.support the national parks’ recent reforms.
【28】c.agree to pay extra for the national parks. 解析: 该题为细节题,问查询中的大大都受访者会如何,根据要害词respondents,the survey回到原订亲位, 文中说到:“约81%的受访者标明,他们情愿在将来10年交纳额定的税款,以避免任何削减国家公园的开支。”(some 81% of respondents said they would be willing to pay additional taxes for the next 10 years to avoid any cuts to the national parks.)所以查询中的大大都受访者会情愿额定交交税款,即附和为国家公园付出额定的费用。
29.the national parks are valuable in that they
a.lead the way in tourism. b.have historical significance.
c.sponsor research on climate d. provide an income for the locals.
【29】b.have historical significance. 解析: 该题为细节题,问国家公园很有价值因为它们怎么样,根据要害词the national parks,valuable回到原文中定位,文中说到,这些公园还有助于让美国的前史充溢活力,与全国数千个当地司法机构协作,维护包括埃利斯岛和葛底斯堡在内的前史遗址,并让这些当地的故事端得生动起来。”(the parks also help keep america’s past alive, working with thousands of local jurisdictions around the country to protect historical sites — including ellis island and gettysburg — and to bring the stories of these places to life.)所以国家公园很有价值因为它们有助于让美国的前史充溢活力,维护前史遗址,即有前史意义。
30.it can be concluded from the text that the national park system
a.is able to cope with staff shortage.
b.is able to meet visitor’s demands.
c.is in need of a new price policy.
d.is in need of a funding increase.
【30】d. is in need of a funding increase. 解析: 该题为细节题,问国家公园体系如何,根据要害词the national park system回到原文中定位,文中说到:“国会每年只给国家公园体系拨款30亿美元——这一数额自2001年以来一向没有改变(以通货胀大调整后的美元核算)
,除了2009年作为奥巴马影响方案一有些的一次添加。与此一起,自1980年以来,每年的游客数量增加了50%以上,如今每年抵达3.3亿人次。”(congress allocates only $3 billion a year to the national park system — an amount that has been flat since 2001 (in inflation-adjusted dollars) with the exception of a onetime boost in 2009 as part of the obama stimulus package. meanwhile, the number of annual visitors has increased by more than 50% since 1980, and now stands at 330 million visitors per year.)可以得知,国家公园体系得到的拨款每年根柢上坚持不变,可是赏识公园的游客再增加,所以国家公园体系需要拨款资金的添加。
text 3
31. sparrow’s study show that with the internet, the human brain will____
a. analyze information in detail
b. collect information efficiently
c. switch its focus of memory
d. extend its memory duration
【31】c. switch its focus of memory 解析:该题为细节题,问sparrow的研讨标明在互联网年代,人类大脑会怎样。经过sparrow定位,究竟断定第一段最终一句,即对研讨结论的表“human memory is not deteriorating but 人类的回想并没有退化,而是“习气新的通讯技能”。 cd选项都说到了memory, c是变换大脑回想焦点,d是延伸大脑回想时刻。文章中的“习气新的通讯技能” 对应c选项“变换焦点。”,因而答案是c。
32. the process of “cognitive offloading ”_______
a. helps us identify false information
b. keeps our memory from failing
c. enables us to classify trivial facts
d. lessens our memory burdens
【32】d. lessens our memory burdens 解析:该题为细节题,经过cognitive offloading定位。 文章描绘“互联网正在变成咱们回想的外部硬盘,这一进程被称为“cognitive offloading”。传统上,这一人物是由数据库、图书馆和其别人类结束的。例如,你的父亲可以永久不会记住生日,因为你的母亲会记住。” 即cognitive offloading可以协助储存有些回想,即对应d选项“减轻咱们的回想担负”。
33. which of the following would sparrows support about the internet?
a. it may reform our learning approach
b. it may impact our society negatively
c. it may enhance our adaptability to technology
d. it may interfere with our conceptual thinking
【33】a. it may reform our learning approach 解析:该题为细节题,经过sparrows进行定位,本句话标明晰sparrows的观念:“the trend will change our approach to learning from a focus on individual facts and memorization to an emphasis on more conceptual thinking” “或许,她主张,这一趋势将改动咱们的学习方法,从重视自个实际和回想改动,变为重视更多的概念思维” 。a选项it may reform our learning approach(它可以会改动咱们的学习方法)是对文章的同义改写。
34. it is indicated in paragraph 3 that how the internet affects our brains_____
a. requires further academic research
b. is most studied in older adults
c. is reflected in our reading speed
d. depends on our web-surfing habits
【34】a. requires further academic research 解析:该题为揣度题。段首句清楚标明 “还有其他专家标明,如今晓得互联网如何影响咱们的大脑还为时过早。” 。a选项“需要进一步的学术研讨” 是对文章的同义改写。
35. neither sparrows nor storm would agree that______
a. our reliance on the internet will be costly
b. the internet is weakening our memory
c. memory exercise is a must for our brains
d. our ability to fucus declines with age
【35】b. the internet is weakening our memory 解析:该题为观念比照,问sparrows和storm都不会附和啥。sparrows认为互联网可以改动咱们的学习方法,storm在文章最终一段标明观念。 “咱们对互联网的依靠添加可以会带来一些本钱,但我不得不愿望,总的来说,收益将跨越这些本钱。”,因为storm也撑持互联网。即两人都没有认为互联网有害,对应b选项the internet is weakening our memory,即都不会认为互联网正在削弱咱们的回想。
text 4
36.according to paragraph 1, children growing into adolescence tend to .
a.develop opposite personality traits.
b.see the world in an unreasonable way.
c.have fond memories of their past.
d.show affection for their parents.
【36】a. develop opposite personality traits.解析:该题为细节题,问进入芳华期的孩子一般会如何,根据要害词children,adolescence回到原文中定位, 文中说到:“在芳华期,无助和依靠成年人的孩子变成独立的人,他们可以照看自个,彼此协助。与此一起,早年高兴依从的孩子变成了背叛的冒险家,一般到了自我消除的境地。(in adolescence, helpless and dependent children who have relied on grown-ups for just about everything become independent people who can take care of themselves and help each other. at the same time, once cheerful and compliant children become rebellious teenage risk-takers, often to the point of self-destruction. )所以进入芳华期的孩子一般打开出相反的品质特征。
37.it can be learned form paragraph 2 that crone’s study
a. explores teenagers’ social responsibilities.
b. examines teenagers’ emotional problems.
c. provides a new insight into adolescence.
d. highlights negative adolescent behavior.
【37】c. provides a new insight into adolescence.解析: 该题为细节题,问crone的研讨如何,根据要害词crone’s study回到原文中定位,文中说到:“这项研讨是对芳华期思考的新浪潮的一有些。很长一段时刻以来,科学家和方针拟定者都认为青少年是一个需要处置的疑问。这项新研讨偏重,芳华期是一个充溢机缘和风险的时期。”(the study is part of a new wave of thinking about adolescence. for a long time, scientists and policy makers concentrated on the idea that teenagers were a problem that needed to be solved. the new work emphasizes that adolescence is a time of opportunity as well as risk.)所以crone的研讨和以往关于芳华期的思考纷歧样,即为芳华期供给了一个新的见地。
38.what does crone’s study find about prosocial behavior?
a.it results from the wish to cooperate.
b.it is cultivated through education.
c.it is subject to family influence.
d.it tends to peak in adolescence.
【38】d.it tends to peak in adolescence.解析: 该题为细节题,问关于亲社会的行为,crone的研讨发现了啥,根据要害词crone’s study,prosocial behavior回到原文中定位,文中说到:“风趣的是,这项新研讨标明,亲社会行为也存在相同的方法。青少年连年幼的儿童或成年人更有可以陈述他们做过忘我地协助兄弟等作业。”( the new study shows that, interestingly, the same pattern holds for prosocial behavior. teenagers were more likely than younger children or adults to report that they did things like unselfishly help a friend.)所以比较幼童和成人,青少年更简略做出亲社会的行为,即亲社会的行为一般在芳华期抵达顶峰。
39.it can be learned from the last two paragraphs that teenagers
a.overstress their influence on others.
b.care a lot about social recognition.
c.become anxious about their future.
d.endeavor to live a joyful life.
【39】b. care a lot about social recognition.解析: 该题为推理题,问青少年如何,文中说到:“青少年对社会奖赏特别活络——赢得竞赛,给新兄弟留下深化形象,让那个男孩留心到你。”(teenagers are particularly sensitive to social rewards—winning the game, impressing a new friend, getting that boy to notice you.)这些都是说青少年在乎社会奖赏,即社会认可。
40.what is the text mainly about?
a.why teenagers are self-contradictory.
b.why teenagers are sensitive.
c.how teenagers develop prosociality.
d.how teenagers become independent.
【40】a.why teenagers are self-contradictory. 解析: 该题为主旨题,第一段最初说到青少年是敌对的,中心有些经过实验研讨发现首要谈论青少年自相敌对的体现,最终有些谈论了青少年自相敌对发生的缘由。 所以这篇文章首要谈论了青少年为啥是自相敌对的。
part b
read the following text and match each of the numbered items in the left column to its corresponding information in the right column. there are two extra choices in the right column. mark your answers on the answer sheet. (10 points)
new building regulations aimed at improving energy efficiency are set to increase the price of new homes, as well as those of extensions and loft conversions on existing ones.
the rules, which came into effect on wednesday in england, are part of government plans to reduce the uk’s carbon emissions to net zero by 2050. they set new standards for ventilation, energy efficiency and heating, and state that new residential buildings must have charging points for electric vehicles.
the moves are the most significant change to building regulations in years, and industry experts say they will inevitably lead to higher prices at a time when a shortage of materials and high labour costs is already driving up bills.
brian berry, chief executive of the federation of master builders, a trade group for small and medium-sized builders, says the measures will require new materials, testing methods, products and systems to be installed. “all this comes at an increased cost during a time when prices are already sky high. inevitably, consumers will have to pay more,” he says.
gareth belsham, of surveyors naismiths, says people who are upgrading, or extending their home, will be directly affected.
“the biggest changes relate to heating and insulation,” he says. “there are new rules concerning the amount of glazing used in extensions, and any new windows or doors must be highly insulated.”
the changes could mean an extra ?3,000 added to the bill of an average home extension, according to jonathan rolande of the national association of property buyers, a group of professionals aimed at raising construction standards.
homeowners extending may see the amount of space they have decrease, as walls will have to be thicker in order to comply with requirements for better insulation.
andrew mellor, of prp architects, says external walls will need to be about 7cm thicker than previously.
windows and doors will have to adhere to higher standards, while there are new limits on the amount of glazing you can have to reduce unwanted heat from the sun.
thomas goodman, of my job quote, a site which sources quotes, says this will bring in new restrictions for extensions.
“glazing on windows, doors and roof lights must cover no more than 25% of the floor area to prevent heat loss, ” he says.
as properties become more airtight, there are also measures to ensure proper airflow, such as having small openings (trickle vents) on windows that allow ventilation when a window is closed.
for people extending their homes, they may be required to install a new, or replacement, heating system depending on the size of the build, says belsham. these will have to use lower temperature water to deliver the same heat, which will require increased insulation of pipes.
“we’ll see more insulation, better lighting design and restrictions on the amount of glass used in some areas. but with more thermal-efficient homes can come the risk of overheating due to solar gain, and so ventilation is also covered,” says rolande. “as a result, double-glazed windows will require trickle vents to let heat escape and also to provide fresh air for health reasons and, of course, to reduce the risk of condensation build up in an ever-more airtight property.”
as the rules came into effect last wednesday, property developers were rushing to file plans just before the deadline, according to belsham. any plans submitted before that date are considered to be under the previous rules, and can go ahead as long as work starts before 15 june next year.
an average extension will probably see around ?3,000 additional cost thanks to the new regs
builders which have costed projects, but have not filed the paperwork, may need to go back and submit fresh estimates, says marcus jefford of build aviator, which prices projects.
as the changes are aimed to make homes more energy efficient, they will eventually drive down heating bills. but in the short-term homeowners are likely to face higher costs for work.
materials prices are already up 25% in the last two years, according to figures from the construction products association.
how much overall prices will increase as a result of the rule changes is not clear. “while admirable in their intentions, they will add to the cost of housebuilding at a time when many already feel that they are priced out of homeownership,” says rolande. “an average extension will probably see around ?3,000 additional cost thanks to the new regs.”
john kelly, a construction lawyer at freeths law firm, believes prices will eventually come down. but not in the immediate future. “as the marketplace adapts to the new requirements, and the technologies that support them, the scaling up of these technologies will eventually bring costs down, but in the short term, we will all have to pay the price of the necessary transition,” he says.
however, the long-term effects of the changes will be more comfortable and energy-efficient homes, adds mellor. “homeowners will probably recoup that cost over time in energy bill savings. it will obviously be very volatile at the moment, but they will have that benefit over time.”
[a] the rise of home prices is a temporary matter.
[b] builders possibly need to submit new estimates of their projects.
[c] there will be specific limits on home extensions to prevent heat loss.
[d] the new rules will take home prices to an even higher level.
[e] many people feel that home prices are already beyond what they can afford.
the new rules will affect people whose home extensions include new windows or doors.
[g] the rule changes will benefit homeowners eventually.
41. brain berry
42. gareth belsham
43. marcus jefford
44. john kelly
45. andrew mellor[f]
the new rules will take home prices to an even higher level.
根据题干brian berry进行定位,原文说到“all this comes at an increased cost during a time when prices are already sky high.”,即在价格现已高得离谱的时分,一切这些都会添加本钱。关于花费者而言,新方针的发布会让正本就很高的房价持续攀高。d项为原文的同义改写,故d项正确。
the new rules will affect people whose home extensions include new windows or doors.
根据题干gareth belsham进行定位,原文说到“people who are upgrading, or extending their home, will be directly affected”,即思考晋级或许扩建房子的我们会遭到影响。f项为原文的同义改写,故f项正确。
builders possibly need to submit new estimates of their projects.
根据题干marcus jefford定位定位,原文说到“builders which have costed projects, but have not filed the paperwork, may need to go back and submit fresh estimates”,即现已预算项目本钱但没有提交文件的建筑商可以需要回去提交新的预算。b项为原文的同义改写,故b项正确。
the rise of home prices is a temporary matter.
根据john kelly进行定位,原文说到“john kelly, a construction lawyer at freeths law firm, believes prices will eventually come down. but not in the immediate future.”,即房价究竟必定会降低,但并不是在短期之内。所以,房价的下跌只是一个时刻疑问。a项为原文的同义改写,故a项正确。
the rule changes will benefit homeowners eventually.
根据andrew mellor 进行定位,原文说到“”homeowners will probably recoup that cost over time in energy bill savings. it will obviously be very volatile at the moment, but they will have that benefit over time.”,即跟着时刻的推移,房主很可以会经过节约动力账单来收回这笔费用。当前情况显着会很不平稳,但跟着时刻的推移,他们会从中获益。g项为原文的同义改写,故g项正确。
section iii translation
in the late 18th century, william wordsworth became famous for his poems about nature. and he was one of the founders of a movement called romanticism, which celebrated the wonders of the natural world.
poetry is powerful. its energy and rhythm can capture a reader, transport them to another world and make then see things differently. through carefully selected words and phrases, poems can be dramatic, funny, beautiful, moving and inspiring.
no one knows for sure when poetry began but it has been around for thousands of years, even before people could write. it was a way to tell stories and pass down history. it is closely related to song and even when written it is usually created to be performed out loud. poems really come to life when they ave recited. this can also help with understanding them too, because the rhythm and sounds of the words become clearer.

section iv writing
part a
an art exhibition and a robot show are to be held on sunday, and your friend david asks you which one he should go to.
write him an email to
1) make a suggestion, and
2) give your reason(s)
you should write about 100 words on the answer sheet.
do not?use your own name. use “li ming” instead. (10 points)
dear david,
how are you doing recently? i am writing this email to provide some advice on the exhibition and show.
the detailed information is as follows. first of all, it is highly suggested that you should go to the robot show since i know you are always interested in the robot and machine. in addition, it is advisable for you to know some information about the ticket price and some limitation in advance. last but not least, it is extremely important that you should utilize this platform to make more friends who have a lot of common with you.
i hope the above information would be useful. i am looking forward to your favorable reply.
yours sincerely,
li ming

part b
【48】in your essay, you should describe the picture briefly, interpret the implied meaning and give your comments.you should write about 150 words on the answer sheet. (15 points)


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